EE Development Services

ExpressionEngine Development Services

ExpressionEngine Development Services

ExpressionEngine (EE) is licensed commercial CMS (Content Management System) which is essentially built around an Open Source philosophy. As something of a hybrid in this sense EE has developed a thriving and dedicated developer community as well as an expanding consumer base.

EE is built around the LAMP architecture (ie Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) and offers infinite possibilities for the realisation of any size of project.

Okapi and EE

Here at Okapi we have been developing in EE for 10 years and have been a member of the coveted ExpressionEngine Pro Network since 2006. Whether you're a Startup, a blogger or an agency wanting to iterate and EE website for a client you will want to talk to us about what Okapi and EE can do for your project.

We can handle all level of EE work from initial consultations, upgrades of installation, SEO / marketing, ongoing EE Support and ecommerce solutions. If your media or design agency needs expert ExpressionEngine experience then look no further!

Pro Network

We have been members of the ExpressionEngine Pro Network since 2006 so we have a wealth of experience with the ExpressionEngine platform.

ExpressionEngine Pro Network

Among the many solutions we can help with are the following: